Monday, November 21, 2011


Our verb of the week is marcher: to walk!

Marcher is an easy to conjugate verb of the ER type. 
Many verbs ending in ER follow the same conjugation pattern, therefore it can be very useful to memorize this pattern.

Future simple
Today, I walk
Yesterday, I was walking
Tomorrow, I will walk
je marche
tu marches
il marche
nous marchons
vous marchez
ils marchent
je marchais
tu marchais
il marchait
nous marchions
vous marchiez
ils marchaient
je marcherai
tu marcheras
il marchera
nous marcherons
vous marcherez
ils marcheront

Please note that the root of the verb never changes! You can obtain the root of any ER verb* by removing the “ER” ending to the infinitive. 

In theory, which this knowledge you should be able to conjugate other ER verbs, like jouer (to play) and acheter (to buy)!

Your challenge:
1.      Conjugate jouer in the present tense.
2.      Go for a walk, it’s healthy!

*A few verbs ending in ER are not actually ER verbs but exceptions. Aller (to go) is one of these.

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