Friday, November 25, 2011

Vocabulary Bash!

Today’s mostly random vocabulary topic is….. *drumroll* Light!

All kinds of lights!

The word for light is Lumière. But it comes from so many sources!

Here are some sources of light:

le soleil
The sun
la lune
The moon
La lampe
The lamp
La lampe de poche
The flashlight
Les lumières de noel
The Christmas lights
Le feu
The fire
Les phares
The headlights
La chandelle
The candle
Un briquet
A lighter

 The word for lighting is éclairage.

Here are some adjectives that you can apply to both light and lighting!  You will notice they have both the masculine and feminine form included, because while éclairage is a masculine word, (un éclairage), lumière is a feminine word. (une lumière).

Lit (turned on)
Extinguished (turned off)

 Actually speaking of those last 2 adjectives (they can also be used on fire!), we light things just a bit differently! Here are some common expressions:

Allumer la lumière
To light the light
To turn the light on
Éteindre la lumière
To extinguish the light
To turn the light off

 Also, in Québec it is very common to hear:

Ouvrir la lumière
Open the light
To turn the light on
Fermer la lumière
Close the light
To turn the light off

 So if you’ve ever witnessed a Québecer asking you to “Close the light!”, now you know why.

Here are a few examples of these words in use:

Les lumières de Noël sont colorées.

Ces phares sont forts !

La chandelle est jolie.

 Your challenge :

1.       Find your candle stash *before* the next power outage.

2.       Think of a lighting source I missed (in French! Use the dictionary!) and post it in the comments.


  1. Un match allumé.
    La télévision á trop du lumières colorée. Mon iPad est ordinateur aussie.
    Les réverbères.

  2. Le feu de circulation
    le laser
    les lumières de la ville
    l'ordinateur portable

    There's 4.