Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Mad-Libs which I take a bunch of completely random* words from the dictionary for your vocabulary learning entertainment.

Our words today are:

nom féminin
nom féminin
nom féminin

 What do they mean? 

tough. (in texture or in character) difficult to beat; resilient; stubborn.
une gamme
series of things; range; a musical scale.
to haunt. (like, ghosts and such.) Also, you could haunt your favourite location.
une mine
1.      Mine (as in a coal mine)
2.      Lead(Actually graphite) (as in the lead in my pencil)
3.      Mine (as in the mine I stepped on exploded)
4.      A look, an expression on one’s face. (Hah! weren’t expecting that were you?!)
to cry, to wine, to lament. to shed tears
une pose
a pose! Like when you stand on your head, or pose for a photo.

Let’s see these new words in action!

-          Oh! Comme tu as mauvaise mine! Pourquoi pleurs-tu?
-          On m’a vendu une gamme de mines de crayon qui cassent trop facilement. Je n’arrive pas à les revendre. Ça me hante depuis la semaine dernière.
-          Quel problème coriace. Fais-moi une belle pose, je te prendrai en photo pour mettre une annonce dans le journal. 


Today's challenge:
  1. Translate the text back to English. (Feel free to take it to the comments, I will help if I need to)
  2. Find the word used in today’s text that was part of last week’s Mad-Libs!

*Actually chosen by l'internaute.

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